Chuck Blackburn
Brentwood, Tennessee

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StrategicSalesTactics - Custom Sales Strategies

Chuck Blackburn's insights into selling and creative sales strategies are legendary among those who have worked with him. Chuck is that rare combination of top producer and prolific trainer, mentor, author, speaker, and coach. His unconventional definition of sales challenges a profession fraught with negative stereotypes. He's best known for understanding the best time and method to close a sale to the interest of the buyer. Based on over four decades of paying close attention while selling Chuck indeed exemplifies positive alternatives to commonly held sales practices.

In tougher economic times typical sales methods don't work-- especially in the B2B, big ticket,competitive services, and fundraising sales worlds. Conversely, the best trained professionals become increasingly more valuable and 'order-takers' relying upon successful marketing and outside lead generation become irrelevant.

Chuck has carved a niche in the "disruptive concepts" arena... defined as misunderstood ideas or innovations with special challenges to achieving acceptance,traction, and scalability.

He began his sales career as a teen selling Fuller brushes. In college, he was recruited by Southwestern/Great American, Inc., to sell books door-to-door 80 hours per week--straight commission--1000 miles away from home during his summers. He learned and excelled to become the company's top salesperson in their biggest year in their 155 year history (7200 competitors) while also building and managing a well trained, motivated, and productive sales organization. He served as District Sales Manager for five years after graduation from college.

Chuck has since built sales cultures and trained sales organizations and individuals in dozens of companies in several diverse industries. He develops custom sales strategies and tactics to optimize effectiveness and efficiency in challenging competitive and economic environments. He also provides custom advanced strategy programs for sales organizations.He especially enjoys 'train-the-trainer' engagements for sales organizations needing to stay on top of their game.

If you track your real costs of staff turnover,under performance, too lengthy sales cycles, or the effect of top producers enduring slumps it's easy to justify having Chuck do an analysis...even if only for future reference. It will not be an expense but a wise investment that you'll always wish you'd made sooner rather than later.
Now is the best time to not just sharpen your ax but master a quality chainsaw to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Chuck has been married for over 40 years with 2 grown children and 2 grandsons. Chuck and his wife reside in Brentwood, TN.

Chuck's book is entitled Stop Selling Let'em Buy!. See a sample chapter at or contact Chuck at for more information.


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