Defining Sales

Defining the Profession...

Selling is not forcing people to do things they don't want to do. It is the art of communicating ideas and motivating others to act upon the ideas. The best salespeople do this so well the idea becomes that of prospective buyer's and the motivation comes from them!

"Samson killed a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. At least that many sales are killed every day using the same weapon!"

Bygone are the days of adversarial relationships between salespeople and prospects pitting you-against-them. Remember hearing, "The first person that talks loses"?

Even longer past is the "show up and throw up" mentality while wishing and hoping for sales. The "trick 'em and stick 'em" stereotype never works in the long run.

The popular make a friend and ask a favor results in few sales and even fewer friends.

Nothing happens in a free enterprise system until or unless something is sold!

Stop Selling! ...Let 'em Buy

Why another sales book? What distinguishes this one? Why would you invest your time and resources and give multiple copies to colleagues, employees, clients, friends, and family?

It is written expressly for those who believe there is more to sales�possibly much more�than common knowledge and past experience dictates.

This book challenges common sales practices and offers positive alternatives to stereotypical sales methods. It utilizes quotes, anecdotes, and personal experiences to drive home the central message.

Everything we think we know about sales should periodically be questioned and validated so it can be improved upon (the profession is fraught with flawed and outdated premises)

If you can't sell; this book won't be much help. Its three-fold bottom line value for those desiring to stay on top of their game is:
Validation of what you already know so you'll use it more with increased confidence, enthusiasm, and results.
As a reminder of previously effective ideas you just might have inadvertently gotten away from over time that, if redeployed, will work surprisingly well.
An introduction to one or two innovative thoughts that, if they fit your personality and your industry (and work!), you'll use them over and over again to reach heights never before imagined!

Services available from ProSalesPractice

These listed customized services are designed to help unearth root causes of personal sales issues and provide cost-effective solutions. Take a quick look and then do what is in your best interests to make you and/or your company more efficient, effective, productive, and profitable. (Great value at great rates)

1. One-hour to four-hour workshops on any chapters in the book.
2. One and two day sales "tune ups" for yourself and/or your organization
3. Individual field analysis. Two days shadowing one salesperson with diagnosis, analysis, and a report
4. Sales management analysis. Four days shadowing one sales manager with diagnosis, analysis, and report
5. Sales structure, monitoring, reporting, schedules, goals, and quotas. Two days with comprehensive strategy session
6. One-day basic training classes. Choose 4 chapters.
7. Coaching customized to individual goals. (weekly/monthly)
8. Customized approaches, presentations, closes, answers to objections. Two-week turn around
9. Competitive analysis, value proposition, and product differentiation. One-day session
10.Read Stop Selling!...Let 'em Buy $17.95(
Remember, an investment in yourself has no downside with unlimited upside potential and every minute wasted is lost forever.

Chuck Blackburn
Brentwood, Tennessee