Chuck Blackburn has a uncanny ability to understand what people want or need and the most effective, efficient and effective way to communicate to that market.

John Scrivens
COO Intuitive Software


In his book, Chuck Blackburn talks about getting people to buy without pressure. High-pressure in sales is a stereotype often associated with sales people. However, in the book you learn that successful sales people need to get away from pressure, slick presentations, and befriending prospects and expecting them to do you a favor. A sales person's job is to present a product or service and let that prospect buy. This style is very effective, low pressure and repeatable.

This is an excellent book and excellent reference for any part of the sales cycle.

Craig Bilinski
President-Intuitive Software


STOP SELLING! ...LET 'EM BUY is easy to read, informative, and has plenty of good humor. It's filled with inspirational quotes, and reading it is like sitting down with a seasoned sales professional over a cup of coffee while he shares his heart about a profession he clearly loves.
Chuck Blackburn is a gifted communicator who will inform, enlighten, and inspire you whether you're reading his book or have the pleasure of hearing him speak.
The book changed the way I think about selling. I loved reading this book!
Martha Bolton Emmy nominated writer for Bob Hope (15 years) and the author of over 50 books of humor, including DIDN'T MY SKIN USED TO FIT? and COOKING WITH HOT FLASHES

Martha Bolton
Author / Comedy Writer


I have practiced law for thirty-two years and, before that, was in sales for ten years. In my opinion, Chuck Blackburn has explored the depths and nuances of the art of sales in a fresh and exciting manner. Read, study, learn and apply his lessons if you wish for success in personal sales. George M. Johnson, P.C.

George Johnson


"Finally, there's an entertaining and intriguing book on personal sales for thinking people, written by someone who really gets it!"

Tea Hoffman, Esq. Author of:

Tea Hoffmann
Attorney / Author